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Pusterla 1880

Pusterla 1880 takes a first step in the USA

Burt Rigid Box, Inc. & Taylor Box Company join Pusterla 1880 as the first American Sites of the Global Packaging Group Offering luxury clients regional manufacturing on four continents. Pusterla 1880 is pleased to announce the integration of two American …


Pusterla for Green Future Project

Pusterla Group is committed to collaborating with the Green Future project and one of their reforestation partners Eden Projects to replenish the mangrove population along the estuaries of the west coast of Madagascar. …



For one month, starting November 15, Pusterla will donate 1 euro to charity for every km walked or runned by its employees. In this way, Pusterla wants to promote outdoor sports, while at the same time supporting the environment and …


Pusterla 1880 sponsors the “Arturo Toscanini” competition

In order to allow the 12 young directors selected among the nearly 240 candidates from 45 different countries of the world, to be able to count on a knowledge base of the lowest common denominator, “La Toscanini” last May, has …


Pusterla 1880 acquires Pollard Boxes

Pusterla 1880 finalized the acquisition of Leicester-based luxury packaging manufacturer Pollard Boxes, which marked its 50th anniversary in 2019. Pollard Boxes is the largest producer of rigid boxes in the UK and among Europe’s top manufacturers, specializing in the design …


Pusterla 1880 issues Sustainability-Linked Bonds to finance its growth

Pusterla 1880 becomes the first company in its sector to issue senior bonds Sustainability-Linked. This 25 M € issuance of Sustainability-Linked Euro PP (ISIN code: IT0005436677) further strengthens the financial structure of Pusterla 1880 and supports its external growth strategy. …


The Pusterla 1880 group acquires Adine group

The Pusterla 1880 group finalized the acquisition contract for the Adine Group, including Adine (manufacturer of boxes since 1806), Chiffoleau (printer since 1947), and Thermoform (plastic thermoforming since 2008). The two companies will thus share and pool know-how, favored by …


Pusterla 1880 teams up with Andera Partners to accelerate the international development of the group.

Under the leadership of the CEO Roberto Marini and the CFO Luca Meana (also Chairman of the Board of Directors), Pusterla 1880 has rapidly grown over the years, thanks to a combination of organic growth and strategic acquisitions (7 since …


Parma Città del Profumo 2020

Pusterla 1880 thanks to Cavalieri & Amoretti has the opportunity to participate as a partner in the realization of this event which aims to tell two hundred years of professionalism and entrepreneurial competence that have made the city of Parma an important center that revolves around …


Pusterla 1880 acquires Cavalieri & Amoretti

The founding partner of C&A Gianluca Cavalieri will remain with a minority stake and will collaborate with the Group for the integration of the two entities and as a strategic partner for future development. With this operation, Pusterla 1880 Group …